Washable Dog Beds

Find out where to get the best washable dog beds and dog bed covers online.

If you are like many dog owners, the comfort of your pet takes a high priority. A comfortable dog bed is often one of the first things a dog owner will buy. But, after awhile even the cushiest bed can get a bit smelly. Washable dog beds can solve that problem.

Most quality beds for dogs are washable in some way. Many dog bed covers are removable for washing. In this case you get what you pay for. If you decide to get a simple cushion type dog bed, it may not be washable.

But if you upgrade just a little, the cushion bed will come with a removable cover that can be laundered. You will find that a good bolster dog bed will also have removable covers for easy care.

And that will make a huge difference. Once the cover or bolster cover begins to have an odor or gets dirty, just remove and wash. Don’t wait too long or the dirt and smell may penetrate right into the cushion and when this happens it’s more difficult to get the smell out.

Many dog beds have double layer covers over memory foam that zip on and off.

The Memory Foam Dog Bed Pillow has two layers of covers.

The inner cover is water resistant with industrial strength stitching to be sure the stuffing stays secure. The pillow itself is made with a combination of high quality shredded memory foam along with premium fiber-fil and shredded polyurethane foam.

The outer cover is made of durable, heavy duty denim. It zips off for easy cleaning, is machine washable, and can also be thrown in the dryer.

The Ruffwear Flophouse Dog Pad is made of multiple layers of foam of varying density. Because of the variance in the density of the foam, the Flophouse Dog Pad gives your dog durable support that stands up over time and won’t compress.

This dog pad has integrated holes for drainage so when it gets dirty, you can just hose it off and hang it up to dry.

The Beasely Couch Dog Bed is a bolster type bed. The padding is medical grade orthopedic foam which disperses and reduces pressure points. It’s great for any dog, but older dogs or ones having problems with their joints especially benefit from the padding.

You have your choice of several types of fabrics and colors for the cover. All covers are zippered and easily removable. They can be machine washed and dried for easy cleaning.

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