The Best Dog Beds

Listen to what the experts have to say about the best dog beds on the market today.

No matter the size or age of your dog, no doubt he spends a lot of time lying around. The best dog beds according to pet experts will vary depending on your own individual pet. But one thing is certain. Every dog loves to lie down on something comfortable.

Now if you don’t supply that something, you can be sure that your canine friend will find his own spot. And if you want to keep him off the carpeting, the couch and your bed, then you’ll want to get him a comfortable dog bed.

Although comfort is a primary reason for getting your pooch his own bed, there is another good reason. Dog beds are specifically made so that his fur stays in top condition.

When a dog lies on a floor or carpeted area, his fur may start to show signs of irregular growth. Bald patches may begin to show up.

When you choose a dog bed, keep one thing in mind. This bed will probably be inside your home and over time it will start to smell like a dog. Even if you love your dog, you probably won’t love having this smell fill the air. You can avoid this by limiting your choice to a selection of washable dog beds.

You can keep it very simple by choosing a simple dog mattress. These come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can be suitable for dogs of any size. Dog mattresses are a good inexpensive option. If your dog is a chewer, for instance, it can be easily replaced at a low cost.

A step up from a dog mattress is the bolster dog bed. Here the bolster surrounds the mattress and provides either a pillow or a cozy spot for your puppy or full grown dog to lean against.

A good specialty kind of doggy bed is a heated dog bed. This is great especially in the colder months when cold air seems to settle at floor level. Heated dog beds can keep your pet warm and cozy.

Then there are orthopedic dog beds that are perfect for either older dogs that may be arthritic, or dogs that suffer from joint pain. An orthopedic bed has extra padding and the ability to mold itself to the pet using it.

Finally, another popular type of dog bed is the cozy cave dog bed. This is great for puppies and smaller dogs. As the name suggests, the bed is like a cave where your pup can snuggle up inside and get a feeling of being safe and protected.

According to dog experts, these are among the best dog beds on the market today. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one your pet will love.

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