Cozy Cave Dog Bed

A Cozy Cave dog bed is a unique dog bed which is designed to give your favorite furry friend a comfy place to keep warm. When you get a look at this bed you’ll see why it’s called a cozy cave.

Cozy Cave dog beds are perfect for those dogs who like to be under the covers, rather than lying on top. If your dog likes to snuggle, he’ll love this nesting dog bed. With the Cozy Cave dog bed your dog can stay completely enclosed.

The inside of his “cave” is a Sherpa fabric for soft, luxurious comfort. Both liner and cover are zippered for easy removal for washing. A cozy cave dog bed is the next best thing to a heated dog bed and is great for dogs that like the cave effect.

Snoozer Cozy Cave

The Snoozer brand carries a large selection of cozy cave beds for dogs. The beds are designed for indoor use only. The inner shell uses the Sherpa fabric with cedar/poly fill, while the outer fabric is a polyester/cotton blend. The cover is removable and is machine washable.

Snoozer makes Cozy Caves in 3 sizes; small with a 25” diameter, large with a 35” diameter and extra large with a diameter of 45”. They are available in eight different colors, including royal blue, khaki, red and olive.

Radio Fence Cozy Cave

This bed is very similar to the Snoozer brand. It has a support to keep the top cover in place so your dog can get inside easily. The interior is faux lambs wool all around providing a cozy pocket for small dogs to nestle in. The outside is made of a washable combination poly/cotton fabric, zippered for easy removal.

It comes in 2 sizes; small with a 25” diameter for pets weighing up to 25 pounds and large with a 35” diameter for pets weighing up to 40 pounds.

Brookstone Cozy Cave For Dogs

Brookstone created this bed for burrowing dogs who like the feel of having their own personal snug cave to rest in. It’s a proven fact that many animals including dogs feel most relaxed and safe when covered all the way around. And the Brookstone Cozy Cave dog bed does just that.

The interior is a cozy, warm combination polyester/cotton Sherpa material. The bed is stuffed with a poly/cedar combination fill for freshness and comfort. The outer cover is removable and completely machine washable and dryable.

It comes in 3 sizes; small with a 25” diameter, large with a 35” diameter and extra large with a 45” diameter. All are 5” thick.

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