The Coolaroo Dog Bed

Your dog will love the Coolaroo dog bed. Find out what makes it so unique.

In winter it’s nice to have a heated dog bed, but in summer, we need something different for our furry friends. The best dog bed for those hot summer days may be a Coolaroo dog bed.

A Coolaroo bed is a different breed of dog beds. It uses a cot style design to take full advantage of the unique patented Coolaroo fabric. Here’s what makes the difference.

Throughout the fabric are numerous tiny holes. These holes allow the air to easily pass through, keeping your pet cool and comfortable on even the hottest days. And since the beds are elevated off the ground, the air flows easily on all sides, even underneath.

The Coolaroo fabric is tough and durable despite the holes. Another plus is the fact that the Coolaroo dog bed is mite, flea, mildew and mold resistant.

It is also resistant to odors and moisture, making it ideal for use both indoors and outside. When it does get dirty, simply hose it off and then let air dry. Moisture doesn’t harm it.

It is fitted over a lightweight but strong, coated steel frame. Although it comes assembled, it folds in half neatly for easy transportation or storage.

Coolaroo dog beds come in different sizes to suit dogs of all different sizes. The largest size is suitable for Retrievers, German Shepherds and even Dobermans. But note that even a small dog will have no difficulty getting up on any of these beds. Since some dogs like to spread out, you may want to buy a larger size than necessary.

And because they are close to the ground they are easy to climb on and off, so are ideal for older dogs or dogs with hip problems. The air flow keeps dogs comfortable and dry even during humid weather.

The Coolaroo works like a charm to keep the dampness away from older or arthritic dogs once the weather turns cooler. Your dog can still be outside because with the raised design of the Coolaroo dog bed, he does not come into direct contact with the ground.

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