The Bolster Dog Bed

Can’t keep your dog off the furniture? You may want to take a look at a bolster dog bed. Available in a size to fit every dog.

A bolster dog bed is a cozy and comforting type of bed for dogs large or small. It’s the complete package with a soft padded cushion to rest on and a bolster which can double as a pillow. And with the cushion part being so soft, the bolster sides provide dogs with a cozy nest to sleep or rest in.

We all know that for many dogs sleeping on a bed or on couches or soft chairs in your living room is the ultimate in comfort. Sure the cushions are much softer than a carpet on the floor, but that’s not the only reason why dogs like to lie on your furniture.

They love the feeling of having something around them, like the back of your recliner, or the pillow on your bed for instance. You know your dog is a good candidate for a bolster bed if you wake up to a furry back tightly pressed against your own back. Another good option for those dogs that like to feel covered is a cozy cave dog bed.

A bolster dog bed is the perfect way to keep your favorite furry friend off your couch. It has those cushioned areas that a dog can lay against, satisfying their need to be closely nestled.

Bolster beds for dogs come in a few different styles and sizes from small to extra large to fit any breed. Some have bolsters entirely surrounding the bed, while others have a pillow type bolster on one side.

Corner Bed With Bolster

As the name indicates, this type of bolster bed fits into a corner, so it doesn’t take up as much useable floor space in a room. Great for smaller rooms or areas with heavy traffic. Better bolster beds have covers which can be removed for washing to keep them fresh. Some brands even have washable fillers.

Thermo Dog Bolster Beds

This bed is made with two layers of orthopedic foam for cushy comfort. It’s totally surrounded by a bolster which is covered in a plush fabric. The bed warms to a dog’s normal body temperature when he’s using it, for total doggy comfort. The thermo dog bolster bed comes with a removable cover for washing which is going to be important because your dog will spend lots of time lounging on this bed.

Crate Bolster Beds

These bolster beds tend to be a bit smaller than a regular bolster style bed just because it’s designed to fit in an enclosed area. These bolster beds fit neatly into crates and are more comfortable than the normal crate cushion. The bolster adds extra support so the cushion part doesn’t flatten out like a regular cushion tends to.

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